Invitation for the Price Quotation


Vendor/ Supplier,
<insert appropriate name> Pvt. Ltd.,
<insert appropriate address>,
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Subject: Invitation to submit the price quotation

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject matter, we would like to inform you that we have the requirement of the supply of following goods and services and would like to request you to submit your price quotation along with additional information and documents as requested below;

Additional information and documents required
  • a) Vendor/ Supplier profile/ bio data
  • b) Certificate of registration
  • c) PAN certificate and tax clearance certificate
  • d) Years of experience in supply of similar goods and services in similar industry
  • e) Clear specification of payment terms with credit period
  • f) Provision for after sales service and support
  • g) Certifidate of any additional certification like ISO, etc. nces
  • h) List of top 5 customers
  • i) Contact details of the refere

Bikram Bista
Designation: Procurement Officer
Authorised Person


+977 1 4426949

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